This Christmas Remember Those Who Are Not Home

This Christmas Remember Those Who Are Not HomeFor most of us, the Holidays are a special time of year to celebrate with your family and friends. There is the joy of decorating for Christmas, finding the perfect gift for the special someone in your life, baking unique cookies at only this time of year, and enjoying it all with your family.

As the smell of evergreen drifts through your home and the aroma of Christmas dinner tantalizes your senses, let’s not forget those you will not know such pleasure this December.

Somewhere in Syria Special Forces units are taking on ISIS. Not far away an Air Force PJ, para-jumper paramedic, is on standby ready to rescue those that are seriously injured.

In Saudi Arabia there is an Army staff sergeant, MOS U15, trying diligently to maintain the fleet of Chinook helicopters flying.

A Marine corporal takes a post on the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) in Korea as Marines have always done since 1953.

Somewhere beneath the South China Sea is a young Lt. managing the propulsion system on a nuclear submarine.

Off the coast of Central America, an armed Coast Guardsman is leading a boarding party onto a suspicious vessel suspected of transporting drugs.

Most important of all are the spouses, significant others, and children of all the U.S. Military Forces who are deployed far from home.

Remember them in your thoughts and prayers because it is through their heroic deeds and actions you are able to celebrate the Holiday in the peaceful setting of your home.

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