Everything you need to know before you “GO”!

Everyone knows that loved ones will pass away some day, but not everyone knows an easy way to make the planning conversation relaxed and comfortable. My passion is showing people how to do exactly that.

Look let’s face it. End-of-life planning sucks and it can be scary. It should not be a subject that most people are extraordinarily uncomfortable talking about. Tim will help your audience dramatically with his lighthearted, simple, and stress-free approach.

Tim is a Navy vet and has over 25 years in the fire service. He’s been specially trained to respond to and to counsel first responders and survivors at national tragedies such as school shootings, aircraft accidents, and the attack on America on 9/11.

He also has personal experience. As the sole survivor of a family of five, when you bury your parents, your brother, and your sister — you learn a lot about end-of-life planning along the way.

Story Ideas:

  • 9 easy ways to start the hardest conversation ever.

  • Know how to purchase a high quality casket at half the price.

  • Why end-of-life planning is should be like planning a trip to Disneyworld.

  • My parents refuse to talk about it, what can I do?

  • The 3 Things everyone must absolutely and positively do before they die.

  • 3 “going green” alternatives to being buried.

  • 3 things funeral directors will never tell you.

  • Do prepaid funeral plans really work? 

  • How to stop staying awake at night worrying about ‘what will happen to my family if I die?’

  • To paraphrase Leslie Gore ‘It’s my party and I’ll die if I want to!’ or why a living will is important.

  • Learn how veterans can save big bucks.

  • Is embalming Really required?

  • How to protect your ASSets!

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