About The Author:

Tim Pelton - Author of The Ultimate Family Gift

Tim Pelton is an entrepreneur, business owner, loving dad, devoted husband, lover of life, veteran, former fire chief, and a great leader who knows how to have fun along the way. His true passion is helping people and planning for their future.

Tim is also the sole survivor of a family of five with his dad, mom, brother and sister all predeceasing him. When you plan four family funerals, you learn a lot along the way.

As a fire chief and responder to major disasters around the country, such as school shootings, aircraft accidents, and the attack on America on 9/11, Tim has witnessed a great deal of the devastation that befalls surviving families.

Tim has combined his passion to help people with the knowledge he has gained both in his personal life and as well as the lives (and deaths) of so many others. The outcome of that process is the book, The Ultimate Family Gift.

Tim’s favorite saying: Life is too short not to have a good time.


Mission Statement:

Ultimate Outcomes, LLC is a resource center providing helpful information and meaningful advice to people that is designed to coach and motivate them into a call to action for providing their family with the ultimate family gift, peace of mind through personalized end-of-life planning.

Our Guarantee:

If you are unhappy with any Ultimate Outcomes product or services, or it does not further interest, challenge, or inspire a call to action, I will happily refund the full amount of your purchase price – no questions asked.