Dying Always Gets A Bad Rap

Untitled2What is the one thing that most people give zero thought to when they look at planning their life and their future?

  1. Having a secure future for my family?
  2. Living healthy in hopes of living a long time?
  3. Having sufficient funding during retirement?
  4. Purchasing a long term elder care health plan?
  5. None of the above

I believe the correct answer is E.

Most folks give zero planning to what should happen when they die.

Here’s the challenge. When you are dead your communication skills are pretty limited.

We plan so many things in our lives today, why not plan and discuss what you would like to have happen when you die. Do you want to be buried, cremated, or donate all your organs to science? These are just a few of the easy questions that pop up.

Now if you want to really be creative, when you die it should be fun for all your survivors. What do you care…you’re gone.

Now any blog worth its salt has to have a core value that you practice what you preach.

First of all when I die I will be cremated. Now that’s a little ironic for a firefighter that fought fires for over 25 years but c’est la vie. As a business owner for many years I always look at investments from an ROI (return on investment) perspective. Why in the world should I invest on a mahogany box with brass handles costing $7,000.00 that I am going to use for just 72 hours!

However I could take that same money and invest in my memorial roast. Yes that’s correct…memorial roast. You see one thing firemen can do very well is throw a funeral and then go down to the pub and talk about the good ‘ol days and what a great guy Timbo was. I’m simply eliminating a step.

Now will it be a subdued memorial service? Hardly, there will be alcohol involved. But it will have structure. Will there be special music to play? Absolutely and I am confident the pipers will do me proud. Hopefully there won’t be a dry eye in the house, not from sorrow, but from laughter. Business and firemen friends will regale the group with some of the crazy antics that went on during my enriched careers and the laughter may raise the roof. At the end of the evening there will be one final round and a toast along the lines of ‘he was a great wingman and a hellava friend’.

Does it get any better than that?

Enough about me, back to you.

What are your plans?

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