It’s OK to say NO!

Most folks agree that living in the 21st century can be stressful. The larger question becomes: do you manage your stress or does it manage you?

My goal is to share with you a simple reality check and to provide you with a source of valuable stress management information to enable you to take better care of yourself.NO

Do any of these situations feel familiar?

  • Many families require a two income household just to get by
  • Peer pressure and perceived performance requirements on children in elementary, middle, junior, and senior high school continue to present ongoing challenges
  • There is unrelenting reinforcement from the media of what’s wrong in the world
  • Increased productivity at work often translates to doing more with less
  • You are in debt and there is no relief in sight
  • You would like to get away but can’t afford it or do not have the time

Reality Check: My Dad was dedicated to his profession, worked faithfully until age 65 and died of cancer at age 66. Note to self – I need a better plan.

Back to the big question: Do you manage your stress or does it manage you?

My goal is simple. I want you to live long enough to watch your kids grow up, get married, and have a few children of their own while you continue to sit back suck your pension plan dry. Your ability to achieve that goal begins today.

One of the ways I suggest you can do that is to acknowledge that chronic long term stress is not healthy and you owe it to yourself, your family, and your friends to actively manage the stress in your life. It starts with you and no one else.

Food For Thought

Folks are often surprised when I comment that Holidays can be a stressful time. But think about it for a second. At Christmas or Chanukah people often spend hours and days searching for the perfect gift while circling the parking lot in the mall for an hour looking for a parking place. Let’s not forget the command performance ‘must go’ family reunion road trip(s) to see both sets of grandparents requiring the movement of more material than was used in the D-Day landing in Normandy. Once on the road everything is compounded by that fact that there is only one guy working at the toll booth on the interstate highway on Christmas Day. Are we having fun yet?

How about Christmas dinner? You and your significant other plans the logistical purchase of food a week in advance, feverously cooks for 24-36 hours before hand, food is served at a beautifully set table with a new linen table cloth and new candlesticks, and the only thing Uncle Louie has to say is “What no cranberry sauce!” Whereupon the herd runs the gauntlet at the table, retires to the living room to fall asleep watching football. This is of course immediately followed by the host and hostess collapsing in the corner exhausted after everyone goes home.

Make a commitment to yourself that it is OK to say no! It is OK to say no to your mother in law that has off loaded and lobbied ‘So you’re doing Christmas again this year…right Dearie?”.

It is OK to say “no ‘we can’t make it this year” when you are invited to the command performance gathering of the family at Christmas.

Take control of your life by simply saying no.

You may want to check out a previous blog of mine called Have a Heart.

Stress is a mental perception and stress management is a mental commitment. Make a commitment to manage your stress… I think you’ll like the ‘new’ you.

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